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My office set up from the entrance of my office. Looking at two monitors, a desk, and my wall set up (which contains two peg boards)

Building My Work From Home Office

If you’re like me and work from home or do most of your work from home then you know that having a designated work space is important. Not only does it improve productivity, but with some distance it could help you establish boundaries between work and home/chill time. With both my girls finally old enough to sleep in their rooms, my wife and I decided it would be a great time to invest in my home office.

What was involved?

Buying the Shed

Initially we wanted to add on to our home, but that was not feasible so we opted for buying a TuffShed. On the Tuff website you’re able to fully customize your space. This is great because you can scale or scale back depending on your budget. I spent $5,797.49 for a 10×12 shed, with two large windows, and a large (residential size) sliding glass door. About a week after I customized my order online, Tuffshed had 2 guys assemble my shed within about 5-6 hours. 


Because I’m using this place as my primary work spot, I would obviously need electrical running through it. I hired a local electrician to install 2 circuits in my shed to handle all of my computers, heater, and AC unit. This service included 3 outlets, 4 canned lights, and of course a light switch.


Now that I had the office space, I needed to make it feel more like an office and less like a shed. I ended up hiring a local drywall contractor who charged $1500 to install the insulation and add the drywall as well as apply texture to the drywall. 

Floors and Paint

Now that all the major steps have been completed it was time to just add floors and paint to the space. I picked out some floors and paint on which were around $200 and the paint was about $80 Because I’m not expert when it comes to installing floors I hired the same contractor who did my drywall for about 500 to install the floors, drywall, and trim border around my sliding door. Once that was done my wife and I spent the weekend painting the space. 

My wife standing on a ladder painting the interior of my office white
The inside of my office. Looking at my desk with two monitors, a computer chair and a couch
Looking into my office from the entrance. Looking at my desk, two monitors, and a dark wall.

Total Breakdown?

  • Tuffshed: $5,797.49

  • Electrical: $1600

  • Drywall: $1600

  • Floors $761.09

  • Paint and painting supplies: $112.35

  • AC Unit: $337.11

Grand Total:  $10,208.04