Hello, I'm Kenny Krosky

I'm a Software Engineer @ Microsoft.

Father of 👧🏻 Dakota, 👧🏻 Kayden, and 👦🏻 Connor. Married to my best friend, Ramey. Pet owner of 2 cats and 1 husky. Coffee obsessed, an amateur woodworker, baseball nerd/fan. I’m passionate about all things Front End Web Dev things related, specifically JavaScript, CSS, and APIs. Working at Microsoft previously Adobe.

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Recent Projects


OpenFloors is a NFT wallet price tracker of what you can sell your OpenSea account at the current floor price. This was built using Next.js and the OpenSea API. Also has wallet search based on the username query that you input.

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Pixels is an Adobe XD application that allows users to pull in beautiful Unsplash images into their design, without having to leave the Adobe product. Pixels is currently used by tens of thousands of people each month with an average of 1.4 million images being downloaded from this app into Adobe XD each month. This app was built using the Adobe XD API Unsplash-API, with Vanilla JS and Node.js.

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Dribbbler Player Cards

Dribbbler player cards is an image generator that creates a sports-like card that includes stats, such as total Likes, post views, and follower count. This app was built using React, Node.js, and Dribbble's API for AUTH and data

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Digital Me

Digital Me is a place where you can upload, promote, and feature important links so your customers and audience can find you online. Digitalme was built using PHP and MySql for the backend and powered by Vanilla JS for the frontend. With this project I built a login system and the ability to reset your password. You would also be able to create, remove, update, and delete links that were shared on your profile.

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Minimal To Do List

Minimal To Do List is a simple To Do List tool built using React. Data is stored in a localStorage so if I user refreshes the page they won't need to recreate their to do list. This project is hosted on Netlify.

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